Explainer video – what is it and why do you need it?

In contemporary marketing, it’s all about attention. And nowadays it becomes harder and harder to catch the eye of the client for more than a few seconds. Wherever we look around, there are multiple sources of moving images – on the street, in the public transit, on your phone and laptop. One may ask themselves – how to get the attention for longer than just a few seconds and share the idea with potential clients? Well, they need explainer video!


Explainer videos (or Explanatory videos) are very useful tools that more and more companies are deciding to implement in their marketing strategies. Why? Because they are short, condensed, beautiful and extremely effective. They can be used as commercial ads, during the presentation, at the meeting with the client or the employees. And they can be used by almost anyone – from the startups to big companies. But don’t let the name fool you – explainer video doesn’t only “explain” how the product or the company works. It can cover a wide range of topics, including medical, cultural, scientific or even political issues. Using explainer video we can present the history and the idea behind the company, our prospects for the future and – most of all – we can build a stronger relationship with the customers.


This type of marketing tool is becoming more and more popular because of the increasing influence of the internet. According to Online Video Forecasts 2018 report prepared by Zenith, the average person spends 67 minutes a day watching online video, and this number increases year after year. More people watching videos online means more time spent watching ads, and explainer videos are one of the most attractive types of marketing videos.


Consumers don’t like the product advertised straight in their face. They don’t want someone who tells them what to do. They want freedom of choice and a set of tools that can help them make the right decision. And the companies are willing to provide them with these tools. It’s called inbound marketing, and explainer videos are one of the best techniques used in this matter, because they are easily understandable, even for the people from other countries, and because of their visual attractiveness they are easily shareable and can become viral on social media.


Here are the few examples:


The key for the success in contemporary marketing is a short, visually attractive condensed message that the viewers won’t close after watching the first few seconds. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a usual ad, the introduction of the company or “how-to” video that helps user to understand how the product works. “Explainers” are understandable, attractive, and – most of all – they stand out from other marketing videos, that people got used to.


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About us: BluBlu Studios is an award-winning international production house which thrives on creating animated commercials, premium explainer videos, cartoon series, and illustrations for digital and print. We focus on online/offline, story-driven content. Our goal is to create high-end designs that attractively and effectively present the message and the story that you want to tell.

Author: Jed Skrzypczyk, Creative Producer


„TAMAKI’s members are strongly committed to responding to customer’s expectation and they have great experiences and knowledge. Therefore we always ask them with the big trust to support our customers. Our cooperation dates back to the times since making video products, and now we are proceeding the projects with Tamaki in blockchains industry such as a using traceability system while acquiring the technical capabilities and information in CEE.”

Akiko Takita
Creative Director of G2 inc

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