Animation Portfolio


Nowadays it becomes harder and harder to catch the eye of the client for more than a few seconds. Wherever we look around, there are multiple sources of moving images – on the street, on your phone and laptop.

The high-quality animations enable to get the attention for longer than just a few seconds and share the idea with potential clients. It is a very useful tool that more and more companies are deciding to implement in their marketing strategies..

Because they are condensed, beautiful and extremely effective. The 2D explainer videos can be used as commercial ads, at the meeting with the client or the employees. A 3D CG animation can be game cinematics, high-end commercials, original animation movies, etc.

The key to the success in contemporary marketing is a visually attractive condensed message that the viewers won’t close after watching the first few seconds.

Our partner animation studios will meet your expectation and make your business more open to the world.


„TAMAKI’s members are strongly committed to responding to customer’s expectation and they have great experiences and knowledge. Therefore we always ask them with the big trust to support our customers. Our cooperation dates back to the times since making video products, and now we are proceeding the projects with Tamaki in blockchains industry such as a using traceability system while acquiring the technical capabilities and information in CEE.”

Akiko Takita
Creative Director of G2 inc

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