App & Web development

We will connect you with people who understand the development process and give your clients peace of mind. They can help you to build a website, e-shop or desktop and mobile app. Both design and development.

Blockchain development

Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most promising services in the recent years. We will help you to select the right blockchain company and help you to understand how the nuances of blockchain technology can play an instrumental role in charting the future path of any industry.

IT consulting

IT system becomes an effective tool, when it is based on the informatization strategy created by professionals. We can help you to find specific solutions that will ensure the implementation of the business objectives.


„TAMAKI’s members are strongly committed to responding to customer’s expectation and they have great experiences and knowledge. Therefore we always ask them with the big trust to support our customers. Our cooperation dates back to the times since making video products, and now we are proceeding the projects with Tamaki in blockchains industry such as a using traceability system while acquiring the technical capabilities and information in CEE.”

Akiko Takita
Creative Director of G2 inc

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